What is SolanesAutomation?

SolanesAutomation is a service that allows users to:

Store their Internet of Thing (IoT) data and act on changes

View a history of data for any of your IoT or Web Service enabled device and act on data changes either manually or automatically

Enable or disable email notifications with configured data changes

Internet of Things

SolanesAutomation Uses

  • Record data from any application or service through web requests
  • Unlimited history of your recorded data
  • Reporting on your recorded data
  • Make requests to web services automatically with configured Sensor values
  • Manually make requests to web services by clicking the current Sensor value when configured
  • Setup email notifications with configured Sensor values

Services In Use

  • SmartThings
  • Fitbit
  • Custom Applications
  • Shell scripts (with use of cURL or similar console application)
  • Anything else that can make a web request...


  • Recording state changes of any SmartThings device through use of SmartThings SmartApps
  • Trigger SmartThings lights to turn on or off automatically or manually through use of SmartThings SmartApps
  • Record data from Fitbit API
  • Use IFTTT to make a request to store any data
  • Custom application to store data: Linux bash script to record the current internet download and upload speed at scheduled intervals, or when a computer is turned on or off
  • Receive an email when a door or window in your house is opened (with SmartThings or other compatible service set up)
  • Anything else that can make a web request...

Current Usage

  • Number of Users: 1
  • Number of Sensor: 223